Bloomfield Cancer Treatment Center

The NJ Urology Cancer Treatment Center at Bloomfield is the recognized leader in prostate cancer treatment offering the most advanced radiation therapy. More patients trust NJ Urology Cancer Treatment Centers to provide individualized care dedicated to the best patient outcome.

Dr. Glen Gejerman is New Jersey Urology’s Medical Director and a board-certified radiation oncologist specializing exclusively in the treatment of prostate cancer. With over 20 years experience, Dr. Gejerman treats more prostate cancer patients than most physicians in the tri-state area.

Dr. Glen Gejerman personally evaluates each and every patient that come to NJ Urology Cancer Treatment Center for treatment. It’s extremely important that every patient is educated and fully understand every treatment available to them and, more importantly, feel comfortable with their decision.

“The Professionals here [Bloomfield NJU Cancer Treatment Center] really care about their patients. Maximum care is awarded to you. Every procedure is fully explained to you. Any concerns you have are addressed. Every Tuesday you are asked to see the Dr. for any concerns you may have had, after the current treatment is completed. Treatment is painless and completed in a short time.”

G. Young

5-star review

Cancer Treatment Center

1515 Broad Street, Suite 120
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