Barry – Newtown, PA

18 Feb 2021

When I found out that I had prostate cancer I immediately started trying to figure out how to handle it. I quickly decided that radiation was the best solution for me, but then I had to confront the decision between going to St. Mary’s Hospital, which is five minutes from my home and office, or UCA Prostate Cancer Center, which is 30 minutes from my home and office.

I am delighted that I picked UCA. The staff was fabulous. They are energetic, upbeat, positive people who know their jobs, understood my condition and my concerns. They are attentive to the nuances that are involved in prostate cancer treatments. It is one of the benefits of going to a facility that specialized in your condition.

Frankly, I had such a positive experience that I have told friends, neighbors, clients and business associates that this is the place to go for prostate cancer treatments. The good part is that I am totally convinced that this was the perfect place for me, for my treatments and for the many people I met during my treatment period.


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